Flygt Pump 4650 4660 Double Cartridge Mechanical Seal FS-45mm 6196430

Place of Origin Guangzhou, China
Brand Name Bogeman
Certification ISO SGS
Model Number FS-45mm 6196430
Minimum Order Quantity 1/PCS
Price US $ 400-600/PCS
Packaging Details Carton 150*150*135mm
Delivery Time 2/day
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 500/month

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Product Details
Model FS XE Specilcation Shaft Hole 20-80mm
Material TC TC TC TC Usage Manifold
Traemark Bergman Origin Guangzhou, China
High Light

45mm Double Cartridge Mechanical Seal


4650 Double Cartridge Mechanical Seal


45mm double mechanical seal

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Product Description

Flygt Pump 4650 4660 Double Cartridge Mechanical Seal FS-45mm 6196430


Flygt Pump FS-45mm 6196430 Sewage Pump Cartridge Mechanical Seal 3171 4650 4660 7020 5100-250 251 260 261 


Basic Info.

Model NO.
Plugin Seal
Flygt Pump 2610, 2620, 2630,2640, 4610
Flygt Pump Seal 4630 and 4640
Flygt 2670, 3153, 5100,
Flygt Pump 3202, 4670, 4680, 5100, 5150
Flygt Pump 3301, 5150
Xylem Seal
Flygt Seal
Itt Seal
Flygt Pump Seal
Wastewater Pump Seal
Trisun Seal
Xylem Pump Seal
Dewatering Pump Seal
Mixer Seal
Plug-in Seal
Transport Package
Neutral Packing or Customized Packing
all sizes
HS Code
5090123 Cartridge Mechanical Seal in Tungsten carbide/Tungsten carbide/-Tungsten carbide/Tungsten carbide/
To Suit Grindex Drainage Range Dewatering Pumps.
Models: Minex, Minette, Minor, Major. Or Grindex Sludge Pump Range.
Models: Salvador, Senior, Sandy.

The seals and basic repair kits for Xylem Flygt equipment are simpler, easier to install, and more robust than the OEM seals.

The rubber color could be black, brown or green.

1. Double mechanical seal in a single unit assembly
2. Seal faces remain protected from contamination
3. Springs are protected from corrosive pump media and clogging
4. Inner and outer seals are replaced at the same time,ensuring overall sealing reliability

Flygt Pump Model ShaftSize upper Seal Lower Seal
20mm Fs-G-U20 FS-G-L20 0r FS-H-L20
3101 28mm FS-B-U28 FS-B-L28
3102 25mm FS-J-U25 FS-J-L25
3126-90,3126-180 35mm FS-K-U35 FS-K-L35
3126-91,3126-280,3126-290 35mm FS-K-u35 FS-M-L35
3126-181,3127 35mm FS-M-U35 FS-M-L35
3140,3152 45mm FS-O-U45 FS-O-L45
3170,3201 60mm Fs-Q-u60 FS-Q-L60
3200 60mm FS-P-U60 FS-P-L60
90mm FS-s-u90 FS-S-L90
3310.3311,3312,3350,3351 90mm-120mm FS-s-u90 FS-T-L120
3355.3356,3357 90mm FS-s-u90 FS-s-L90
3,500,350,135,303,530,000,000,000,000 90mm-120mm Fs-s-u90 FS-T-L120
4351.4352,4400 20mm Fs-G-u20 FS-H-L20
4410,4430 60mm   FS-Q-L60
4440,5530 35mm FS-M-U35 FS-M-L35
46,504,660 45mm Fs-O-u45 FS-O-L45
4670,4680,7045 60mm FS-Q-u60 FS-Q-L60
7050.7051.7055,7060,7061,7076.7556 90mm FS-s-u90 Fs-s-L90
7080,7115 90mm-80mm/90mm~120mm FS-s-u90 FS-S-L80/FS-T-L120
7570,7585 s0mm-120mm FS-s-u90 FS-T-L120
Grindex Mai0r,Master,Matad0r,Midi,Minette,Salvad0r 25mm~24mm FS-Z-U25 FS-Z-L24
Grindex Maxi 45mm FS-O-u45 FS-N-L45
Ready m0dels 4 8 12&16 15mm FS-D-U15  
Ready 24 20mm FS-A-U20 FS-A-L20
Ready 90 28mm FS-1-u28 FS-1-L28
Steaty 7 20mm FS-G-u20 FS-G-L20
600 60mm FS-Q-u60 FS-O-L60
605,615.665.670,680 90-80mm Fs-s-u00 FS-s-L80
705.715.720.721,735,745,760,765.770.775 90mm~80mm/90mm~120mm FS-s-u90 FS-S-L80/FS-T-L120
820,840,841.860,880,881,900 90mm-80mm/90mm~120mm FS-s-u90 FS-S-L80/FS-T-L120
2004,2008,2012,2016 15mm FS-D-U15  
2024 20mm FS-A-U20 FS-A-L20
2050,2052 15mm FS-D-U15 ,
2060 20mm FS-G-u20 FS-G-L20
2066 20mm FS-A-U20 FS-A-L20
2070 22mm FS-E-U22 FS-E-L22
2071 22mm FS-E-U22 FS-E-L22
2075 20mm FS-A-U20 FS-A-L20
2082,2090,2125,2140 28mm FS-1-U28 FS-1-L28
2084,2135 35mm FS-K-u35 FS-K-L35
2i01 20mm FS-A-U20 FS-A-L20
2102-40 22mm FS-E-U22 FS-E-L22
2151-10 35mm FS-K-U35 FS-K-L35
2151-11,2151-50 35mm FS-K-U35 FS-L-L35
2201-10,2201-320,2201-430,2201-480 45mm-35mm FS-O-U45 FS-K-L35
2201-590.2201-690 45mm Fs-O-u45 FS-O-L45
2201-11HT 0r MT 45mm FS-N-U45 FS-N-L45
2201-11LT 45mm FS-O-u45 FS-N-L45
2250,2290 60mm FS-P-U60 FS-P-L60
2400 60mm FS-R-U60 FS-R-L60
3041-281 20mm FS-G-u20 FS-G-L20
3057 20mm FS-G-u20 FS-H-L20
3057-180,3060 20mm FS-G-u20 FS-G-L20
3085 20mm FS-A-U20 FS-A-L20
3067-170,3067-250,3068 20mm Fs-G-u20 FS-G-L20
3080 20mm FS-A-U20 FS-A-L20
3082_ 22mm FS-E-u22 FS-E-L22



We have used Xylem, Flygt, Rovala, a full range of water pumps, mechanical seals, and real shots of products.


Flygt Pump 4650 4660 Double Cartridge Mechanical Seal FS-45mm 6196430 0Flygt Pump 4650 4660 Double Cartridge Mechanical Seal FS-45mm 6196430 1


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1. Different models of mechanicals seals for a wide variety of Grundfos® pumps, among them: CR(N), NB, NK, CLM, LP, TP, etc. Available in diverse combinations of materials and different diameters: 12, 16, 22, 28, 33, etc. Also mechanical seals for Sarlin®. Division of waster pumps. Available in various materials: silicon-graphite carbide, silicon carbide-silicon carbide; combined with EPDM and FKM elastomers.
2. Mechanical seals are available for different references Gorman-Rupp® pumps. Special models for the transfer of clean water, sewage, oil industry, agriculture and others.
3. Mechanical seals for Fristam® pumps. Wide range of models and materials in the most standard diameters: 22,30 and 35 mm. Different assembly possibilities for the most well-known pump models: FP, FL and FT.
4. Broad range of mechanical seals compatible with Flygt® and Grindex® waste water pumps. These mechanical seals are characterized by their easy and fast installation, without having to make any modification to the pump. Manufactured in stainless steel and in solid tungsten carbide. Special tools are not necessary for their installation.
5. Mechanical seals for EMU® pumps. They get two static faces and one rotating face. We can supply the complete seal or spare faces.
6. Different designs of mechanical seals for Ebara® pumps, single and double seals in combinations carbide-silicon carbide and graphite-aluminium oxide.
7. Mechanical seals for all types of Calpeda® pumps: centrifugal pumps, multistage, submersible. Different models of mechanical seals in a wide range of materials.
8. Mechanical seals compatible for APV® pumps, among them: Puma, ZMA, ZMB, ZMD, ZMS, ZMH, ZMK. Rosista® and Pasilac®, W and W+. Some designs with wave spring like the special seals for APV Howard® pumps and Crepaco Clean Line®. All of them have been manufactured in materials suitable for working with fluids such as juices, milk and drinks in general.
9. Allweiler, Simple design of mechanical seals simple but with special measures for this type of pump.
10. Different models of mechanical seals compatible for Alfa-Laval® pumps series CM, FM, MR, LKH,GM and ALC. Also the models for the range of lobular SSP and SR pumps. Mechanical seals in different combination of materials tungsten carbide, silicon carbide, graphite; combined with different types of elastomers: NBR, EPDM and FKM.


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Flygt Pump 4650 4660 Double Cartridge Mechanical Seal FS-45mm 6196430 2Flygt Pump 4650 4660 Double Cartridge Mechanical Seal FS-45mm 6196430 3



Fixing and Applying Directions of Mechanical Seals


1. Select Appropriate mechanical seal to match the materials according to work conditions and host machine equipment.
2. The radial acting deviation for the shaft(shaft sleeve) of the installed mechanical seal shall be 0.04mm by maximum while the axial movement value of the rotor shall be no more than 0.1mm.
3. The seal cover (or shaft cover) of the stationary ring of the installed mechanical seals,the vertical degree of the seal face should be 0.04mm by maximum.
4. When installing the mechanical seals,the shaft(shaft sleeve),seal chamber,seal face as well as the mechanical seal face
should be 0.04mm by maximum.
5. When conveying medium of over high or low temperature,with medium which are easy catch fire,easy for explosion.Related mechanical seal standards must be referred to take appropriate measures such as quench,rinsing,coolong and filtrating.
6. Before the machine starts running,the hermetic compartment shall be full of medium and well lubricated.Dry friction which may lead to the damage of the air-tightness is strict forbidden.